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Brokers often find themselves in sticky situations when cargo loss or damage occurs during the shipment of goods. Brokers want to avoid personal liability for the cargo loss or damage, but they also want to protect the business relationships they have established with their shipping customers and motor carriers.

The Chicago transportation law firm of Axelrod, Goodman, Steiner & Bazelon has more than 60 years of experience representing brokers in the transportation industry, in connection with cargo loss and damage claims. If you are involved in cargo loss or damage dispute, contact the experienced Chicago cargo loss attorneys at Axelrod, Goodman, Steiner & Bazelon to schedule a consultation to learn more about your legal rights and obligations.

Liability, rights and obligations can vary depending on whether a party is considered a broker or a freight forwarder. A broker’s role is to facilitate communication between the shipper and the shipping carrier. In some cases, a broker may also communicate with the receiver of the shipped goods and the shipper’s insurance company. A Broker does not have any liability under the Carmack amendment since it is not considered to be a carrier.

On the other hand, freight forwarders are subject to the provisions of the Carmack amendment regarding cargo loss and damage liability, just like Freight carriers. A freight forwarder is afforded the same cargo claims and cargo insurance obligations as that of a shipping carrier.

When a broker becomes aware of a cargo loss or damage claim, it will generally forward the claim to the freight carrier to be processed. Some brokers choose to carry contingent cargo insurance, rather than primary cargo coverage which is required for freight forwarders.

At Axelrod, Goodman, Steiner & Bazelon, our knowledgeable Illinois cargo claim attorneys are well-versed in the various legal rights and obligations of shippers, shipping carriers, brokers and freight forwarders. If you are a broker or a freight forwarder, we will work with you to determine that you have the appropriate level of insurance coverage and transportation contracts in place to prevent yourself in the event of cargo  loss or damage claims.

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