Chicago Transportation Law Firm

Illinois Transportation Attorneys Offering Flexible Fee Arrangements

Legal fees and expenses are a primary concern for businesses today.  At Axelrod, Goodman, Steiner & Bazelon, our Chicago transportation lawyers understand that each client has its own unique needs, goals and objectives, which calls for individualized fee structures for each client.  We understand that you expect to receive top notch legal services in a cost-effective matter so we offer a variety of fee structures –hourly, flat rate, contingent fee and monthly retainers – in an effort to provide our clients with exceptional legal services while containing costs and expenses.

We also offer a popular monthly retainer program for Brokers who can contact our firm anytime to obtain prompt opinions on claim issues, discuss any legal matters as well as carrier and shipper contract review without the worry of incurring large hourly legal bills.

With more than 60 years of experience helping clients manage their transportation law and business legal issues, the Chicago transportation business law firm of Axelrod, Goodman, Steiner & Bazelon knows that different fee structures are appropriate for different clients and we offer a variety of alternative billing models and alternative fee arrangements to our clients.  In addition to the traditional hourly fee structure, we also offer the following alternative fee structures:

  • Blended rates
  • Flat fees
  • Fee Caps
  • Monthly retainers
  • Contingency fees
  • Broker Monthly Retainer Program

At Axelrod, Goodman, Steiner & Bazelon, our Chicago transportation business attorneys are flexible and creative with respect to fee arrangements.  As a clients’ needs change, we reevaluate the fee structure and amend the fee arrangement, as appropriate, to help the client achieve its business goals and objectives.

We measure our success by our ability to meet our clients’ expectations, and not by the number of hours we have billed in a day.  We strive to help our client with all of their business goals and objectives, and our personalized approach to legal services includes personalized fee arrangements as well.

Personalized Legal Representation with Personalized Fee Structures

Our expansive knowledge of the transportation industry allows us to provide representation to transportation companies or consumers of transportation services with a number of legal issues, business contracts, transportation contracts, cargo loss and damage claims, regulatory compliance, employment matters, litigation and real estate.  With a long standing reputation for providing informative and effective representation, our Chicago transportation lawyers offer personalized legal assistance to each of our clients, tailoring proven legal strategies to each individual concern and incorporating personalized fee structures, as appropriate.

At Axelrod, Goodman, Steiner & Bazelon, our Chicago transportation attorneys understand that our clients’ time and resources are valuable.  We strive to provide comprehensive and effective legal advice in an efficient manner, with attention to the practical impact of legal issues on the client’s business.  For assistance with a wide variety of transportation matters, contact the knowledgeable Chicago transportation attorneys at Axelrod, Goodman, Steiner & Bazelon at (312) 236-9375 to learn more about our alternative fee structures.