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Litigation can be costly, time-consuming and distracting for any business, including transportation companies, shippers and brokers. The Chicago transportation litigation law firm of Axelrod, Goodman, Steiner & Bazelon is the firm that companies within the transportation industry look to for a wide variety of business and litigation legal needs. We are skilled litigators and we frequently represent clients who are involved with disputes, including mechanics liens, freight claims, wage and hour claims, discrimination allegations, non-compete disputes, trade secrets and other general commercial disputes.

Transportation companies, shippers and brokers are involved with cargo loss and damage disputes from time to time, and when these claims cannot be resolved outside of court, litigation may result. Cargo loss and damage disputes involve a number of complex legal issues regarding liability and the cause of the cargo loss or damage, and the knowledgeable Chicago transportation attorneys at Axelrod, Goodman, Steiner & Bazelon are well-versed in the laws and legal issues affecting cargo loss and damage claims.

We frequently help clients who are involved in cargo loss and damage disputes involving spoiled, lost and damaged goods, load and count issues, seal integrity, security breaches, safety issues, and load regulations.

When clients are involved in litigation regarding cargo loss or other business dispute, we take a proactive approach to our legal representation. We work to quickly investigate the facts surrounding the source of the dispute, review applicable contracts, and document applicable evidence. Through a careful factual investigation and detailed legal analysis, we identify legal theories to support our clients’ position. As skilled Illinois litigators, we prepare and file persuasive legal documents, including complaints, answers, motions and other pre-trial legal documents.

We seek to resolve the dispute efficiently and effectively by pursuing a settlement that is favorable to our client, but if the dispute cannot be resolved in a manner favorable to our client, we are prepared to vigorously advocate for our client’s position in a court of law.

If you are involved in a business dispute, such as a cargo loss or damage claim, employment discrimination allegations, or contractual dispute, do not hesitate to contact the Chicago litigation attorneys at Axelrod, Goodman, Steiner & Bazelon at (312) 236-9375 to learn more about how we can help you resolve your business dispute.