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Shippers of goods expect that their product will arrive at their destination in a timely manner and in good condition. When cargo is lost, damaged, or destroyed, the shipper expects to be compensated for the cargo loss or delay. Cargo loss and damage claims involve a number of complex legal issues and carriers typically try to avoid liability for and cargo damage or delivery delays. At Axelrod, Goodman, Steiner & Bazelon, our skilled Chicago cargo claim attorneys have considerable experience representing businesses that shipped goods that were not delivered in a satisfactory manner by the shipping carrier.

Cargo loss and damage claims are governed by contractual obligations, as well as federal law. The Carmack Amendment to the Interstate Commerce Act provides the legal rights and obligations of various parties with respect to the shipment of goods. When cargo is damaged during the transportation process, the shipper may be able to recover for the losses incurred by proving the following:

  • that the shipper delivered the cargo to the carrier in good condition;
  • that the carrier failed to deliver the cargo at the designation destination in a good condition; and
  • the amount of damages that it incurred as a result of the cargo loss or damage.

Filing a Timely Claim

In order for a shipper to recover for cargo loss or damage, the shipper must file a written claim with the carrier within nine months of the date of delivery or a reasonable time in which delivery should have been made. While this requirement may seem simple enough, disputes surrounding a timely claim frequently arise. The experienced cargo loss attorneys at Axelrod, Goodman, Steiner & Bazelon are well-versed in the legal requirements for a timely-filed claim and we will take the appropriate steps necessary to secure your legal rights in the event that you have suffered cargo loss or damage.

Act Quickly to Protect Your Business Interests

If you are a business who shipped goods and suffered cargo loss or damage, you must act quickly to secure your legal rights to compensation for the cargo loss or damage. Likewise, if you are a business who regularly receives contracts from transportation service providers, you need experienced counsel to provide prompt review and advice regarding those contracts. Do not hesitate to contact the knowledgeable Chicago transportation law firm of Axelrod, Goodman, Steiner & Bazelon at (312) 236-9375 to schedule a consultation to discuss your cargo loss or damage claim and begin working to secure your legal rights.